Thou Shalt Enjoy This Homoerotic German Heinz Ketchup Ad From 1993
Rebecca Schuman

Hmm talking a whole lot about lying in German ads (excuse my raised eyebrow, but I have seen several US ads and the realization that advertisers everywhere lie a damn lot to get you to buy their shit shouldn’t be a shocking revelation, I appreciate the high thoughts you had about us though) on the basis of a Bild article is at least shaky. Bild is not only sensationalist but often outright lying and campaigning. Bild sees itself as a Meinungsmacher, a creator of public opinions. This goes so far that there is an actual watchblog for Bild (and nowadays for all of bad German journalism) called Bild-Blog.

Oh and don’t you dare to defame Gummibärchen! I know they are chemical waste and sugar but they are damn delicious and one day I will die a very happy sweet death because of them.

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