THIS will be full of cheesy pickup lines,prepare to cringes :))

some of them are question,you need to answer it,ok?

— — — — —

and i’m not lying ;)
MXM hyungnims said ; i’m the one
yes,beautiful. because handsome is me HAHAHAH
it’s made of me (re: a boyfriend material)
oh- forget this one,you’re mine already ;)
hE he he
since i’m very busy these days,the doctor said so-
i’m thirsty smh
let’s have a date hyung?
actually i like biology more(?)
/le stares at you
interuption- i’ve fall for you
aye bae ;)
and sometimes rain too(?)
this one suits you well since you’re cute HEHE
i’m lost and i don’t know my way back home(?)
they’re still exist right?

that’s the last one i have.


did you cringes alot?

because i does :’))

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