4 Ways To Increase Your Blogging Productivity

Blogs are critical in today’s world of content marketing… but they can also really time consuming. There’s so much to do on a daily and weekly basis. You have to monitor and approve blog comments. There are new posts to write, images to hunt down or create, videos to record, social media promotion, and a dozen other tasks. Then tomorrow, you get to start all over again.

If you are feeling like a slave to your blog, I have some good news. There are plenty of blogging activities that you can set on autopilot so you can focus on more important parts of running your business. When you automate the following 4 blogging tasks, you’ll not only have more time to focus on other tasks, but your blog won’t suffer because you are burned out and ended up skipping important, recurring responsibilities.

Schedule your posts for auto-publishing

The majority of blogs these days are run on the Word Press platform. Even if your’s is not, odds are it has the ability to schedule publishing your posts ahead of time. It’s often far more efficient to batch your writing and then leave it to technology to schedule the posting for some date in the future. This saves you the time required to log into your blog and manually post content.

Automate social media involvement

HootSuite and Buffer are just a couple social media blogging automatons. They schedule tweets, Facebook posts and other social media interactions. When you think about the amount of time you spend on social media trying to attract attention to your blog, you can see how these social media blogging tools can be invaluable.

Use Akismet for comment moderation

Reading, approving and replying to your comments takes time. This is one of the tasks many bloggers know is necessary, but can quickly become bothersome and frustrating. Use the WordPress plugin Akismet to do much of the work for you. There are filters and settings you put in place to take care of the majority of comment approvals for you.

Stop doing everything yourself

You can hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines for $200 to $300 a month. Those are full-time figures. On a part-time rate, you could spend sign $50 to $100 each month and have a virtual assistant handle much of your time-consuming, recurring blog tasks. Sites like Guru, Toptal, Elance and Upwork are home to talented virtual assistants that you can put to work on your blog to free up your valuable time.

Bonus efficiency tool

Writing can’t easily be automated. But it can be a lot more efficient when you follow a simple template. That’s why I created my “Compelling Content Checklist,” an I’d love to offer you a free copy of it today.

If you’re conducting any part of your business or marketing online, you want to be creating content that’s compelling and profitable for you. And you want to do it with ease and efficiency. That’s where the “Compelling Content Checklist” comes in. It will help you generate great content using a proven formula. You can access your own copy here.

Originally published at baeronmarketing.com.