9 Examples of How Pay-Per-Click Goes Way Beyond Adwords

Google’s Adwords advertising platform may seem like it’s cornered the market on PPC (pay-per-click) ads, but there are actually a ton of other players worth considering. And, often times, you may find that an alternative to Adwords is a better fit for the audience you’re trying to reach anyway. Here are a few choices to consider so that you can be successful out of the gate.

The key point here is that you should run your PPC campaign where your audience is. Don’t try to run it on a platform just because you think it’s popular (that’s right, I’m looking at you Facebook) or new platform that you have no idea if your audience is using or not.

Here are some platforms to consider:


Setting up a PPC campaign on Facebook is pretty simple. Almost anyone can do it. They lead you step-by-step through the process with a very intuitive platform. You can set a daily budget plus an overall budget so that you donít accidentally forget about it and run over your budget.


I shouldn’t pick on Adwords. That fact is that the tried-and-true Google advertising platform can do wonders for your marketing campaigns. But, it’s important to recognize that the competition is fierce. Don’t go into your first foray of PPC campaigns with Google. Instead, you want to learn what you’re doing before you invest too much… or, perhaps, start by using less expensive PPC platforms first to test the waters.


Running PPC ads on YouTube is actually part of the Adwords ecosystem. The difference here is that you’re focusing on an audience interested in consuming information via video, so the way you present your message needs to speak to them visually. And, as far as cost goes, this is a place where you can get a huge bang for your buck. YouTube has such a large (and continuously growing) number of videos on its platform that there will never be enough ads to keep up with the inventory.

Yahoo! Bing

This network has less traffic than Google, but it’s still huge… and it’s a good place to start because of the lower competition for you. You can get some very loyal customers via this platform and not break the bank in the process.


This network will place your PPC ads on the AOL network (175 million unique monthly visitors… who knew?) among other places. This PPC platform has a lot to offer but it’s not for beginners. It’s nice for businesses who want their ads to appear on the top tier website. You can set your budget and depend on a good amount of help from your account manager to succeed.


With Twitter, you only pay for the actions that get clicks back to your website or offering. The targeting is similar to Facebook (though not nearly as sophisticated) and the results can be amazing. If you want to get leads on Twitter, you can do that too.


Promoted pins is a relatively new function, but it’s easy. You just pick a pin that you like a lot and is popular, set up targeting so that the right people will see it, pay for your results (you can choose clicks or engagement) then track it to find out what works best.


You can run self-service ads in LinkedIn that help you promote what you want to get out to the world. You can run video or text plus image ads. They can be set up as PPC and there are no long-term commitments. You can stop your ads at any time.

Running a PPC campaign can get costly if youíre not careful about where to run it. Choose a place where your audience likes to hang out, then create an ad that targets your audience in a way that they know right away that this ad is meant for them.

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