Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts (They’re Not the Same Thing)

There are tons of advertising choices online today, and promoting your business on social networking sites is usually a smart investment. However, all of the available options can get confusing, especially when they seem so similar. Facebook ads and boosted posts are an example of two separate promotion options that people sometimes use interchangeably or fail to understand. Keep reading to learn the difference between Facebook ads and boosted posts, along with some tips on choosing which is best for your campaign.

Facebook Ads

While Facebook ads may appear similar to ordinary posts that display in users’ news feeds, they offer marketers so much more behind the scenes. The only difference users will see is a small disclaimer that reads, “Sponsored Content.” On the back end, you define your campaign goals. You’ll be able to gain a wide array of valuable insights on the performance of your ads such as number of clicks to your website or the level of engagement with a particular post. In addition, Facebook ads come with various formatting options, making them more eye-catching. Choose from single image ads, ones with a carousel of images or even slideshow ads. These dynamic options can be tailored to your specific purpose.

Boosted Posts

Boosted posts are a paid promotion option for businesses that allow their content to be seen by a larger number of Facebook users or targeted to a particular demographic. They are less in-depth than Facebook ads, with fewer customization options. An advantage for many is the simplicity of this method. Also, it’s common to boost posts that have already shown to perform well so you already have evidence your content is strong. You can choose to boost a well-received post and target it to the audience that will find it most appealing. Boosted posts use Facebook’s Ad Manager to allow you to specify your preferred demographic.

How to Choose

Deciding which to choose will be based on the goals you set for your particular campaign. Facebook ads have a more tailored functionality. They are meant to provide marketers with a specific outcome or action. This approach is likely best when your promotional objective relies on your audience taking a specific action, such as opting into your newsletter, clicking to read a specific blog post or signing up for a special promotion. Boosted posts are often utilized when brands are hoping to increase their audience and build engagement. This marketing strategy is conducive to gathering likes for your page or members for your group. Boosting your posts is a great way to build a fan base or to solidify your social presence. Many marketers use a combination of both types for best results.

While advertising options can become overwhelming, a bit of knowledge will help you to decide the path that’s right for your brand. Don’t get discouraged. Trial and error is expected. You’ll soon begin to see results.

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