Fill Your Resource Library With Content Upgrades

Does your website offer a resource page? A place where you can share tips, tools, and guidance? It should.

Anytime you provide value for your followers or readers, that’s a good thing. Accordingly, you should not make people jump through hoops to claim any free content that you are offering. Your first goal should always be to help people by solving problems and answering questions.

When you do this first, without worrying about whether those people will become customers or not, you establish a sense of trust and respect. This way, people will realize that you truly are concerned with helping them, since you deliver such valuable content for free.

One way to do this is to add all of your content upgrades to your Resources page.

Content upgrades are topic-specific pieces of content offered in exchange for someone joining your list. Instead of using one opt-in bribe for your entire site, the incentive to join your list is a piece of content that is extremely relevant and topical for each individual web page.

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What’s that you say? You don’t have a Resources page on your site or blog? Build one today!

Simply by owning a web presence, you are seen by others as a successful blogger or marketer. That means when people reach your site, they want to know what resources you use, as well as what information you can provide them to make their lives easier.

You’ve already built your content upgrades for different pages of your site. You have the content sitting there on your hard drive, or in the cloud. Why not use it to the fullest of its abilities. You can group these content upgrades according to topic, or list them randomly. When someone hits your website and sees a “Free Resources” or “Resources I Recommend” tab, they are definitely going to give that page look.

For my business, I use most of my content upgrades to promote or presell either my DIY Digital membership program or my consulting services. So, while I do use my resource page to share things, I put most of my content upgrades in the free section of my membership site (so people can then see what else they are missing by not being a paid member).

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Along with your “About Us” page, any page that offers a list of helpful resources or tools is going to be one of your most frequently viewed. Once you establish multiple content upgrades into a substantial resource library, you can use this content in a number of ways.

You could combine all of your content upgrades into a massive e-book. You can leak one each day for X number of days as an autoresponder sequence. There is no limit other than your imagination to how you can use a valuable and extensive resource library of content upgrades to improve your readers’ experience, and build your reputation as a significant leader in your niche.

See a real live content upgrade in action

Are you are starting to see how powerful content upgrades can be? Then maybe it’s time to dig a bit deeper. Let’s take a look at a real live content upgrade in action.

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