Horn and Hardart Succotash Blues

Jazz master David Amram wrote this tune the year before I was born. I was just listening to it on iTunes.

The name comes from the old Horn and Hardart automat restaurants in Philadelphia and New York where you’d drop a coin in a slot to open up a door in the wall and pull out a plate of food.

The last of these places shut down in the early ‘90s… but the concept still lives on, and there are now a new wave of automats selling things like dumplings and ramen.

But automats had one huge downside. Most weren’t organized in any way.

So if you were hungry for, let’s say, succotash, you’d peek through the little windows on the doors along the wall until you saw what you craved. Eventually, someone got the idea of adding little signs to help people find what they wanted.

But only when automats started to lose popularity in the 1960s did you see them starting to categorize things so customers could find what they wanted faster. Some even added waitresses to help

Too late, of course.

Most of America had moved on to fast food.

Most website out there could easily suffer the same fate! Not the ‘fast food’ part, specifically, but the part about losing customers to alternatives.

Is your site in jeopardy of having visitors sing the Succotash Blues?

It could be if you’re not guiding them to what they want.

You can fix that, of course… and that’s exactly what Grow is designed to help you do. To get your website visitors to find what they came to your website for in the first place… and put you in control of getting them to complete the sale (or whatever it is you want them to do).

It’s all explained right here. More tools than you could ever imagine to get your website visitors more engaged with you and your business.

Don’t leave them hungry.


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