How to Automate Your Email List Building

Not long ago, I was at a local business networking event where I exchanged cards with several people I met. My routine is to follow-up with each of the people I meet with a personal email and an invitation to chat further on the phone or over coffee.

But that’s not how some people handle follow-ups.

Instead, after handing my card over to someone I’ve just met, I find myself receiving their email newsletter. I never requested it, but they send it anyway.

This is both annoying (to the recipient) and inefficient (for the sender). And, depending on how you structure your email content, it may also be breaking the CAN-SPAM laws here in the United States.

For all these reasons, I’m currently on a mission to help businesses use email more intelligently and effectively. It’s why my partners and I developed our lead capture and website conversion tools called GROW. It’s also why I’m a strong proponent of automation in your email marketing.

When I started working in online marketing, it was the mid-1990, and I was promoting classical music events via email. Back then, we needed to use proprietary software to send out our emails. It was expensive and the technology wasn’t nearly as easy as it is these days.

But within a few years, things started to change. New email marketing services started to enter the market, and a whole new set of options were available to marketers like me.

I spent a lot of time reviewing these new platforms. Many of them were pretty crude (it was the early days of mass use of the internet, after all), but some looked like they would make things a lot easier for me.

I abandoned the project for a while, as I was changing jobs. But, in my newest role as Marketing Director, I found our company was in desperate need of a better email communication system. So back to the search I went.

Not long after, a fellow marketer pointed me to GetResponse. This was back in 2004, and, while what I saw then impressed me enough to open an account, GetResponse has continued to develop into one of the easiest-to-use systems capable of some pretty sophisticated marketing activities.

Why did I settle on GetResponse? Becuase I recognized them as an innovative company that would continue to develop their tools and always make them simple for the end user.


Here just a few of the groundbreaking innovations that I’ve experienced as a GetResponse user:

Responsive Email Design

They were first in the industry to introduce a design interface that automatically formats every message to fit the screens of any mobile or desktop device and any operating system.

Landing Pages

And they added a slick, new design interface to their platform that turns out high-converting landing pages in minutes.


They also integrated forms with landing pages to funnel sign-ups into email campaigns automatically.


Their latest innovation is a webinar platform, now an integrated component of their PRO service option — great for demos.

Plus… they’ve produced innovations in video email marketing, smartphone apps, QR codes, A/B testing, inbox preview, email timing, global view, perfect timing, and custom fields.


Just as important, they constantly update the long-time favorites:


GetResponse added sophisticated timing controls and action-triggered emails and then combined it with advanced segmentation for targeted campaigns with the look and feel of one-to-one communication.

Email Creator

Likewise, they reinvented the email design interface, giving users access to hundreds of professionally designed templates, a drag-and-drop editing interface, and point-and-click tools for campaign development.

Email Analytics

And they expanded email analytics to report autoresponder performance and social media sharing. They even dovetailed it with segmentation, so users can click to create segments for finer targeting.

Can you see that I’m a big fan of GetResponse?

Check it out (they have a 30-day FREE trial), and you’ll discover it’s an all-inclusive platform — and a perfect compliment to our GROW software.