Not A Writer? Don’t Let That Stop You From Being A Great Content Marketer!

Have you been struggling to move forward on blogging for your business because you think you’re not a writer? Chances are, it’s all in your head.

Creating online content is one of the best ways to be found in search engine results, get social media shares, and, of course, attract targeted prospects to your website. But if you’re allowing your fear of writing website content to prevent you from getting started, let’s take a look at it from a different perspective.

Yes, you need the content, but you don’t necessarily need to write it. Here are a few creative ways you can populate your blog with amazing content that will engage your audience and show you off as an authority in your field:

1. Hire Someone To Do The Writing For You

These days, it’s possible to outsource a lot of tasks, and writing is one of the easiest roles to fill. Use sites like or a service like Copywriter Today to hire a writer to do the work for you. Not only can you hire writers, you can even hire an entire content company to help you with content ideas, content creation, and publishing.

2. Speak Your Content Out Loud

Putting words together into text can often be intimidating, but talking usually isn’t nearly as hard for most people. Get a voice to text software program like Dragon Naturally Speaking (or, if you use Apple products, it’s built into the operating system) and speak your content out loud. Simply go through and edit it a bit so that you ensure that everything was spelled right, and you’re in business.

3. License Done-For-You Content

Private label rights content is perfect for people who can’t write. Because even if you find it challenging to compose things from scratch, you can most likely edit well-written and researched PLR, and add your voice to it so you can make it your own. Simply find add in your own perspective and commentary, niche keywords, and reorganize the PLR, and you’ll have (re)created valuable content in no time.

4. Create Videos

You don’t need to depend on the written word if you want to create awesome content. Instead, create videos or vlogs. Like the above idea, where you speak out your content, you can also have videos transcribed by a professional transcriptionist who can then turn it over to a hired writer tasked with creating content from the video. Alternatively, if you upload a video to some video hosting sites, like YouTube, a transcription can be generated automatically.

5. Make a Podcast

A podcast is a lot like a video even though it’s only audio, and it can be very powerful. You can also have the podcast transcribed. You can use the transcription as is, plus turn it over to a writer to make some text content out of it.

6. Curate Content

You’re not the only one creating content for your niche. Other people have already shared valuable information that you can reference. So why not collect what others have created all in one spot, and then offer only your thoughts about what you’re sharing as if you’re telling a friend about it. You can become a one-stop-shop for your audience.

7. Invite Your Users to Generate Content

Some of the best content is created by your audience. User generated content can be in the form of forum posts, social media comments, blog post comments and more. If your audience participates, the discussions can make for some excellent and effective content marketing.

8. Ask for Guest Bloggers

While guest blogging has changed over the years, it’s not dead. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to create natural SEO links back to a website… so you might actually consider trading guest blog posts. Here’s what to do: ask for guest bloggers to write about various topics that relate to your niche and audience’s interests as they relate to your niche. Just remember that what they provide must be original and unique and not published elsewhere ever.

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A Few Final Words

You really don’t need to be able to write to create perfectly good content. You can speak your content out loud, or you can edit licensed content to make it your own. You can even hire people to do it all for you without ever having to even give it much thought other than creating the ideas. Whatever approach you take, make sure you create content consistently.


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