Why You’re Probably Failing at Marketing Automation

I’m not going to tell you that marketing automation is easy. But it can be simple. And that’s the place where too many people fail.

So, using the K.I.S.S. standard, let’s take a look at three areas where you are probably failing in your marketing automation, and what to do about it:

You’re Just Not Ready

First, a huge reason for failure in any endeavor is lack of preparation. Going off blindly, in any direction (or no direction at all) can be easily avoided by taking some time to research and find out what works and what does not work; what has been tried and what works, as well as what does NOT work. There is always something you can read that can provide a foundation upon which you can build your journey. The time that you save by not reinventing the wheel and duplicating the past efforts of other people could be enormous, and that time saved could be put to much better use elsewhere.

You’re Getting Ready To Get Ready

Another reason for failure (or at least endless stalling and lack of implementation) is what is popularly known as “analysis paralysis.” Essentially, this is when you find so many options in the research stage that you analyze endlessly what might be best. Even though you may feel like you are accomplishing something with your continued analysis and research, the reality is that, until you make a decision and actually begin taking action, you aren’t really doing anything at all. Research is productive — to a point. Once you have as much data on the available (and possible) options, it’s imperative to look rationally at the options, make a decision, and begin taking action.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to automate your marketing, make a list of the processes you want to automate, and then for each process, make a list of 5 to 7 options for automating each one, and then research those options. If, in your research, you come upon an incredibly strong recommendation from a very trusted source, then you may add that option. But resist the urge to add every recommended option you find. It’s just going to slow you down.

You’re Not Tracking & Tweaking

So maybe you’ve actually got some automation in place. But for whatever reason, it’s just not converting. The leads aren’t piling up and those who do opt-in aren’t buying. But the biggest problem is that you don’t know why. This problem is far more common than you might imagine. And the fix is simple: pay attention to your metrics and if something isn’t working, tweak it until it does work.

Ready to Go Deeper?

I’ll bet you didn’t implement marketing automation in your business just to watch it fail. So if you’d like to fix the problem, and identify where you can improve your marketing and sales funnel, check out my free case study on marketing automation. Inside this video training you’ll learn how to reach and serve more clients and automate more of your marketing process without suffering from technical overwhelm. You can access the case study video training here.