The world is paying you

A life is so shortened to the extent that I didn’t notice how my life has passed in a blink of the eyes. Although it hasn’t been that long, I am still young. But I couldn’t stand to see a valuable thing as life belonged to me slip away from me and I can’t do anything about that. My mind was drifting, and I’m trying to stay in the moment. The answer is out of my reach.

A life is like a loan intended to promote you for short-term supply to fulfill your potential by serving country, living for a worth idea. Such a great idea downed on me as I had realized that I don’t really belong here, to myself, that this isn’t really my life. Because I’m temporarily in this world, where I have no rights to possess anything substantive, even if I earn it, for a little while, in fact I will leave behind me.

The all I really possess is my soul which is about to get out of body at any time and my choices which defines the trajectory of my entire life. The rest belongs to the most powerful one. Anyway that a little of what I possess is enough for me to be proud, happy. Yet I have been given the significant leverage thereby I am able to build my destiny and pursue my dream. But at the same time it is heavy burden that I have been placed on us. Even we pay everything we use: water, land, food and kind of things. The world we live is so expensive with our presence followed by the biggest list of issues to pay for.