Or what is lying just under the surface…

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It occurred to me this morning that I write fiction because I’m a chicken when it comes to expressing my emotions. I just don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, including my own. I have always suspected my non-fiction writing to be a tad pedestrian. It’s not confrontational, doesn’t delve into deep emotions. I don’t assert wild boastful claims and god forbid I should use strong language. Read any writing tips article on Medium and elsewhere and you know I’m doing it all wrong. It’s got to stop! A good essay, article, or opinion piece needs to get down to the…

I interview one of my favorite authors — my mom.

Ki Longfellow with her motorcycle “Ruby” in 1977, Photo by Mush Emmons

Ki Longfellow is an American novelist. Her first published novels China Blues (1989 Doubleday) and Chasing Women (1993 Harper Collins) can be described as historical mystery thrillers. They both deal with strong women in a man’s world. She is best known, however, for The Secret Magdalene (2005) which explores the divine feminine through the lens of a gnostic version of the Christ story. She has gone on to write more novels of the divine feminine as well as a mystery noir series Sam Russo, a ghost story Houdini Heart (2011)…

Learn by Imitation

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What I am going to say now is almost heresy. The first thing you should do when you want to learn to write is to is copy other writers. Wait, that is actually the second thing. First you must have read a lot of other authors.

Yes, that’s right, that’s what I said. Copy. Imitate. Mimic.

But wait, I hear you cry, all those other pages and pages of writing tips say, “be original” and “find your own voice”. And yes, you should do those things. Doing it first, however, is the proverbial cart before the horse…

The craft of writing from a different point of view

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Who am I, and why the heck do I think I can offer you anything useful about writing? I have no answers to the questions “how do I get published” or “how do I monetize my writing” and little interest in the answers. I don’t write to get published, and I certainly don’t expect to earn a living from it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would love to be published and thrilled to make a living at it. But as the daughter of a published full time author I know perfectly well how fickle is success, and how easily…

If you have a writer in your life beware…

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I have a family story where my mother and my stepfather are in a terrible argument, the kind that might involve knives at some point, and one of them says something clever. Or maybe they both do, since they were/are both incredibly funny and clever people. At which point the argument had to be suspended for them each to scurry to their notebooks to take the dialog down, because, of course, they are writers. This was back in the days of paper. I can only imagine the temporary truce with only the sound of furious scribbling. Did they resume arguing…

Hot Flashes in the Days of Covid-19

Can we survive the anxiety of worrying about getting sick?

Fear is like looking through a keyhole… photo by Sydney Longfellow

I am 56 years old. I am menopausal and have hyperthyroidism, which means for the last three years, at least, I have had hot flashes. The thermostat no longer must be kept at 71 degrees to keep me warm, please feel free to keep it at 60 (my partner rejoices). I can work outside in a 45-degree day and take off my shirt. I don’t wear a winter coat. Even a sweater is too much most of the time.

I might leave the…


I’m a fiction writer and an artist. To make money I work as a barista and sell antiques online.

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