What I Think of Thinx

When I was back in the states over Thanksgiving, I couldn’t contain my excitement to order 2 pairs of Thinx, the period underwear. While I definitely will keep wearing them, I’m not going to throw away my box of tampons anytime soon.

What I Ordered:
-1 pair of “medium flow” sport underwear, size small, black, $32
-1 pair of “heavy flow” hip-hugger underwear, size small, black, $34
-Expedited shipping: $5 (I think this was a promo rate for the holidays, delivered in 1–3 days)
Total cost: $71.00

My initial thought as I reviewed my shopping cart was, “$71.00 for 2 pairs of underwear?!”. But then I remembered all the nights I had fitful sleep worrying that I was going to leak through my overnight pad and onto my sheets, and all the mornings I spent rinsing underwear that had gotten stained, and all the times I worried about toxic shock syndrome, and thus I proclaimed, F*CK IT and clicked the order button.

I rush-ordered them to get them in time before I left for Europe. I ordered online on the evening of November 24th and they were at my door on the morning of November 28th. Hooray! (They shipped on November 25th from NY, they arrived the next day November 26th in Michigan, left the transit center in Michigan on the 27th, and then arrived at my house on the 28th).

The Fit:
Many reviews said that they run small and suggested to order a size up, so I got the small instead of x-small (I’m 5'2", 110 lbs). The smalls were maybe just a tiny bit looser than I would have liked, but I can see how an xs could have been too snug. At the end of the day, I’m fine with the size small. The hip-hugger ones are high-wasted and full coverage, and the sport ones are cut along the butt to be a little less coverage.

The Feel:
The material looks and feels like a swimsuit bottom. It’s definitely bulkier than normal underwear, but not horrendously so. I was expecting the entirety of the panties to be lined with the absorbent lining, but it’s only partially lined.

The… bleeding:
After spending so many years with a wad of cotton stuffed up your vagina and wearing bulky pads, it feels very disconcerting to just “free bleed” into your panties. Internal panic rises in your very being, as you are conditioned to feel the wetness and immediately run to the bathroom to check on things. But now, it’s okay! You’re wearing Thinx!

I tested them on one of my lighter days first, and the period panties deliver on their promise to be leak-proof. However, there was one thing I couldn’t get over: the smell. After wearing them overnight, it was pretty rank. And I had read about this concern in another review as well.

Rinse them with cool water, then machine wash on gentle cycle (fine to mix with other clothes). Do not use fabric softener. Line dry.

So yeah, you gotta rinse the blood out of your panties :) Not like you haven’t done it before when you’re trying to save a pair of stained panties anyways!

The reasons I wanted to try the Thinx was for the following:

  1. As insurance for heavier days and those awkward moments when you’re super busy and don’t have time to keep changing your tampon and you leak through your liner onto your underwear and sometimes sadly, onto your clothes and it’s visible and you stain the chair (yes, this has happened to me more than once)
  2. As overnight insurance, for once again, when you bleed overnight and leak past the overnight pad, onto your pajamas, onto your sheets, and you spend the precious morning hours cleaning all of your stained laundry, and you worry about TSS b/c you ALSO wore a tampon to sleep b/c the overnight pad never catches it all
  3. On lighter days at the beginning or at the end, when you don’t want to keep changing panty liners

So for 1 and 2, I think I’ll still wear a tampon, and wear the Thinx as back-up to save my poor clothes and sheets. For 3, I’ll go tampon-free, and just keep an eye on the smell and maybe have to shower when I get home as necessary…

Overall, for piece of mind, I’m glad I have them — especially for long flights and travel when you don’t want to keep getting up to go to the bathroom or may not have access to one frequently. The cost seems steep at first but hopefully you’ll have them for awhile. As an investment for having to worry about one less thing, I’ll take it! Just, keep an eye on the odor.