3 easy ways to keep Facebook scammers away from your personal details

The old adage goes that we’re never more than six feet away from a cybercriminal when you’re online. I’m not sure if it’s totally accurate, but the majority of us do come into contact with scammers almost every day. It could be something as easy to see as an email that’s spilt from our spam folder into our inbox or banner advertisement promising a free yacht in return for a click, but lots of scams on Facebook are unfortunately not so easy to spot.

Here are three of the most common ways scammers are looking for victims on Facebook and how to dodge them:

Links to free versions of the latest films and tv programs

We can all get a little excited when counting down the days until the next big release, which is why scammers are so keen to spam popular pages and groups on Facebook with fake links that instead give you malicious software.

When you arrive at the page with the video, the chances are you’ll instead be asked to download a program or update a video player. The easiest way to avoid installing malware or adware on your computer this way? Don’t click the links on Facebook.

Fake event scams

A relatively new scam on Facebook involves posting dozens of fake events and harvesting the details of thousands of people who sign up for more information about how to compete in their favourite TV show or watch a massive band perform in their hometown.

Your email, home address, phone number or even Facebook details can be sold on to marketing companies who can bombard you with telesales calls or criminals eager to commit fraud. The easiest way to avoid these scams? Ask yourself if the event sounds too good to be true.

Airlines giving away free tickets to users who share and like a page

This scam has proven to be massively successful in recent years because it promises so much for doing so little. Who wouldn’t want free flight tickets? As well as liking the page and sharing the scam with friends and family, the victims will usually also click through to a fake webpage to claim the tickets and expose themselves to a malware infection that takes over their Facebook page and starts posting links to further scams.

The easiest way to avoid handing your profile over to scammers to spam your friends about discount sunglasses sales? Ask yourself:

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