Chapter 4

Brad went back home to his wife Amanda.Hey how are you Amanda asked? Couldn’t be better, now that I’m here with you Brad said.Where else would you be said Amanda said.Oh here and the said Brad said.Remember when we were. down the. that Saturday evening and I looked at the girl and I looked surprised kind of.I kind of remember something like that.That girl turned out to be the girl I was going to marry.Her name was Daisy.I have to introduce you to her sometime.You know that would be nice.What we have been married a year and you never introduced me to her.What is that about?Im sorry about that Brad said.I just had a lot on my mind.You wouldn’t to still have feelings for her would you said Amanda?Nah.said Brad.Then what brought her up.Ok I do have feelings for her and your not going to like this but we had a one night stand.Oh really,and Im supposed to forgive you for that.First you don’t introduce me to her,then I find out you have feelings for her that led to a one night stand.Well you can have her.cause obviously I mean nothing to you.Brad you can go around taking people for granted.Life doesn’t work that away.What do you mean Brad asked? Didn’t you leave her at the this.I want a divorce.You deserve nothing and no one ,the way you treat people.Brad said I’m sorry.No you not sorry said Amanda.You use people to your advantage and take what you can get.You are a liar and a cheater and you beg and steal.You need to change or your life is over.I’m through.The next day she hands him the divorce papers and he’signs them.It’s official they are divorced.The next day Brad wakes up and realizes his life is over.He needs to work on himself.

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