Chapter 4

Brad went back home to his wife Amanda.Hey how are you Amanda asked? Couldn’t be better, now that I’m here with you Brad said.Where else would you be said Amanda said.Oh here and the said Brad said.Remember when we were. down the. that Saturday evening and I looked…

Chapter 3

Daisy returned to her job in California,ready and willing to get things done.She was a fashion designer and a damn good one to.Daisy had a deadline to meet by 1:00 pm It was almost 12:00 pm.How was she going to do 3 clothes lines by 1:00 pm? She…

Chapter 2

He didn’t care about her.He was in love with someone else. She was a writer.The quiet type.He liked the quiet type.The kind that got out alot and stayed home just as much and wrote. Brad was on the quiet side himself.Daisy really wasn’t a good fit for him.He…

Chapter 1

Once There was this read head named Daisy.She was from a quiet small town that she was famous in. What made her move from the famous small town to a big city. She was left at the altar on her wedding day.She could have just died .she never…

Left at the Altar

Once There was this read head named Daisy.She was a wild one,she was known for everything she did in her small town.She was the talk of the town pretty much, just like everyone else, but Daisy was special .She was a bride to be It was her Wedding Day.One of the biggest Moments of her life.she couldn’t wait to tie the knot with her fionce Brad.She was already at the altar,but where was Brad? You mean she been stood up. Wait a minute, this was the biggest day of her life and Brad just left her there at the altar.why?She thought he loved her.The truth was he was in love with someone else and Daisy was to blind to see that.That’s why she showed up on her weddding day and he didn’t.She was devasted.

A dangerous poem

A walk on the wild side was all this man could think about,

He could kill,

He could steal,

He could beg,

He could cheat,

He could lie,

He could die,

He could lose his life over the things he has done,

He always begged for more money,more fame , more power,

A walk on the wild side was difinitely on his agenda

Nothing more,nothin less.

Blame it on the rain.

It was so pretty-

Now it’s so wet and muddy,

The sun was just shining.

And the grass was dry,

What could cause this shift in this pretty weather

Blame it on the rain.

Fall in the country,

Is a warm winters night asleep,

You never get enough.

Love lost

I don’t need my parents that much anymore,

Even though I’m sick,

I have to depend on myself,

Cause they aren’t always going to be here,

And I still can’t depend on other people,

I want to be independent,

So I will use my resources,

And grow up,And depend on me,

No matter how much it hurts,I will grow up.

One too many

I’m writing one too many poems,

With no juices flowing,

No creativity,

At least that’s how I feel,

I have depression,

So naturally that probably how I’m going to feel,

I wish I can feel creative,

But that’s not likely,

So I do what comes naturally,

Write poems anyway.

Becky Lyn Baglio

I'm from a small town in Louisiana and a dog owner.I love coffee shops manicures and pedicures.

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