Let’s Write Letters!

Connecting to people like we used to.

I have had an idea for while now. I wanted to write handwritten to letters to lots of different people. There were a few different reasons why I wanted to do this.

First, there is an exhilarating feeling when you receive letters in the mail. Frankly, I enjoy receiving any type of mail that isn't a bill. The mystique of what’s inside that envelope is exciting. Second, the personal connection is so much stronger in a handwritten letter than an email or text. A friend took the time to put a pen or pencil to a sheet a paper just for you. That is saying that you care about someone. Lastly, I wanted to get to know people better. And I believe there is no better way to do this than through letters. You can share endless stories, tell a joke, talk about what your future holds, or just send a simple, “hello, how ya doing?” Whatever it may be, it will bring joy not only to the person receiving a letter, but also to the person writing it.

I took the plunge and decided to follow this through. I created a Facebook post in which I explained that I wanted to write letters to anybody who wanted to participate. The response has been tremendous. I've had over 20 people sign up to do this with me! The beauty of it is that a wide range of people joined in. There was close family members, close friends, some friends I haven’t talked with in a while, and even a person I've never spoke to outside of Facebook.

I started writing letters last week. I wrote seven in one sitting and sent them out the following day. It felt amazing just dropping them off at a mailbox. I’m hoping for at least a few replies. I still have many more to write and I hope to complete all 20+ letters by the end of the week.

Here’s my hope: I hope that many of these people who signed up with me will write back and I can develop a great relationship with them through letters. There is no better way to express your thoughts than through writing. And I also hope that those people will begin to write to others as well. Let others experience the joy of finding a letter in their mailbox.

I implore anybody reading this to write a handwritten letter to somebody in their life. Not only is it a very personal thing, it also lets us take a break from technology a bit. We are essentially going back in time and using the postal service for communication. I think we live in a time where we will appreciate a real letter in mailbox a hundred times more than we do an email.

Let’s get to writing!