New Year, New Language, New Framework

This year I want to learn many new things. Learn new technologies, new frameworks, new libraries, anything that I don’t know before. And today I have started to learn new languages and frameworks which is Ruby, Rails, Node.js, and Meteor.js.

I learn Ruby and Rails from Ruby on Rails Web Development Specialization in Coursera. This is a five source package where we will learn how to develop a web app with Ruby on Rails, web framework on top of Ruby programming language. I this specialization we will also learn SQL and NoSQL Databases and HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for designing great user interface in the client side. This specialization offered by John Hopkins University

The second one is Full Stack Web Development Specialization. This Specialization is focused on Node.js and MongoDB for the backend. This course will also teach front-end development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Other UI frameworks like Bootstrap and Angulars, also tools like Less and Sass will be introduced. There’s a course where students will learn how to build a hybrid web-mobile app using Cordova. This course offered by Hongkong University of Science and Technology with IBM Academic Initiative.

The last one is Responsive Website Development and Design Specialization. This specialization offer a basic modern full stack development from UX design, frontend coding, to database, and backend coding. The skills that we will learn from this specialization is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating responsive web user interface. In the backend side we will use Meteor.js. Advanced topics such as APIS, data visualization, and animation will also introduced to the students. This specialization is offered by University of London with Meteor.


I’m not paying for three specialization mentioned above. I only audit every course in the specialization which is permitted my the coursera system. The downside is we couldn’t get certificate of completion after completing the course. That’s doesn’t matter for me because I take the specialization’s courses just to learn something new not for pursuing job or career.