Passionate Junior Developers. Ready for a challenge?

We believe that a great level of Engineering is what it takes to create a fabulous product. A year and half ago, when we started Crowd Analyzer, We were trying to solve one the most sophisticated problems in Natural Language Processing, Automatic Arabic Understanding. In solving this problem, It didn’t only require passion and technical skills, it also required a talent. A talent for seeing & doing things differently, deviating from the norm & responsibly taking risks. Such a talent is what made us one of the most promising startups in the region.

Today, this talent is what we are looking to hire.

This post doesn’t require any senior level programmatic skills neither any track record of development projects. It only requires talent!

So if you think you got this talent, Keep reading.

What is exactly the post?

Junior Level Web Developers.

Where is it based?

Cairo, Egypt.

What are the required technical skills?

  1. Basic Understanding of Programming.
  2. Some Coding Background.
  3. Natural Problem Solving Skills.

What are the required personal skills?

  1. Strong passion towards development.
  2. Impressive gut feeling.
  3. Exceptional team playing skills.
  4. Strong desire to learn.

How can I apply?

Send a one page resume to with the subject line “I am a Passionate Junior Developer”, highlighting which talent you got.

Applicants that would pass our screening phase, will be contacted for an interview.

Feel free to share the post with friends.

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