By Nina Matthews

Sex & Memory. How can sex boost your memorisation skills?

We all face the same problem every day. We meet people in the morning, forget their names in the evening. You are reading a book at home, your wife is on the phone, explaining that you upset her because you forgot her birthday. You are in a meeting with the most important client for your business, and you just realised that you forgot to prepare the papers she asked for. The list is endless. We are all die to remember.

Let’s admit “We all forget”. We really suffered deeply enough from it. It derived us crazy. Crazy enough to the extent a friend of mine mixed between his girlfriend’s birthday and his wife’s birthday, and you can imagine how things went afterwords.

This pain pushed me enough to find a way to enhance my memorisation skills. I googled alot. I read a lot. I tried a lot, until I found the cure.

It is Sex. Sex can strengthen our memory a lot.

Before I dive into that sexy technique I used. I wanna invite you for a ride inside your brain, to better understand how your memory works, how you remember, and why you forget.

When you met Mary today’s morning. Your brain absorbed alot of information about her. Her name, her face shape, her sexy legs, and her cute libs. Then your brain stored every piece of those information in a unique cell. A cell for Mary’s name, another for how her face look likes, a third for how sexy her legs are, and a fourth for the cuteness of her libs. Then your brain created a connection between all of those cells. So that next time you meet Mary, your brain cell that carries Mary’s face shape get triggered and the connections between it and any other cells get activated, so you remember that this is Mary, and yeah she has very sexy legs, and libs, and that’s how you remember her.

So why do you forget? because sometimes your brain can’t activate those connections. So when you meet Mary again. You remember that you met her before, but you can’t remember her name.

You may wonder now why your brain can’t activate those connections? because either the connection was very week and that’s usually happens when you don’t give good attention to the thing you wanna remember, In our case of Mary, you weren’t focusing enough while she was introducing herself so the connection between her name and her face didn’t stick long enough (most likely you were busy looking at her sexy legs) or the information hasn’t been repeated enough in front of your brain to completely grasp it.

So as you might thought. You can boost your memorisation skills either by giving attention to the thing you wanna remember or repeating it, or if you are lazy like me, you can use Sex. and don’t get me wrong.

“You don’t have to sleep with Mary to remember her”
(Author’s Note: Yeah, may be it is good idea to sleep with her, but this is beyond my post, and I take no responsibility if you did so, but please think about your lovely wife, your beautiful kids. Think about inviting me :D)

So How sex is related to memorisation? Okay. I am gonna tell you my secret. “I remember the thing I wanna remember, because I connect its pieces of data by a story, and I do put a lot of exaggrated sexual context into that story”.

I remember Mary because when I first met her, I noticed that she has a big nose and that her name is related to being virgin, so I imagined how I lost my virginity by putting my thing into those virgin noses. I imagined the move, the action, the sexy story, so that every time I look at her nose, at Mary’s nose, I remember my virginity story which is related to Mary. I will never forget her, will you?

Another example, is when I try to remember that I have a meeting with my boss at 6:00 PM. I started by the time “6". For me six is equivalent to sex, and I am really dying fucking the whore boss I have, not because she is sexy, but because she is an ass hole. Fair enough, to remember when it is six, it is the boss meeting, and it is exact 6 not 6:15 or 6:30 because of the ass hole (00).

And so on. You remember the things you care about by doing such a sexy story. As you exaggerate more, you remember more. At the beginning, you will need some time to create such a story, but day after day. practise makes perfect, and it will turn into a second nature, and you will enjoy creating them.

Be Bold, Sexualise everything & Trust me. You will never ever forget again.