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I recently graduated from an almost 3-month intensive coding bootcamp. Before this, I was teaching English as well as Yoga (I actually stumbled upon my love for coding while making a page for my yoga practice and teaching). The path to becoming a front-end developer was at times very fun but also very overwhelming. During the most challenging days, I came back to the lessons I’d learned in my journey as a yoga practitioner.

If you aren’t able to do something today, keep practicing and you WILL get it some day.

I admit, I began my journey into the world…

A common problem with coding languages is that there is so many of them, and as soon as you finally feel comfortable with one, you get thrown eye-first into another, with its own set of idiosyncrasies. After only a few short weeks in the JavaScript vortex, I am here to provide you with 3 more problems I faced in my travels and how I solved them.

  1. My CSS backgrounds don’t work when I deploy them on my phone. Should I throw out my iPhone?

Next time you have this problem, check the background-attachment on the image in question. The culprit…

Like so many people out there, I began my coding journey learning HTML and CSS on sites that offer free lessons and take you through the basics of the various languages. However, as any developer can tell you, every CSS property has its own quirks and rules that go with it, and it’s very easy to get stuck without knowledge of all these nuances. So without further ado, here are the top 4 problems I faced when learning CSS on my own.

  1. ‘Margin: 0 auto’ is a big lie because I can never centre anything with it. …

Bahareh Adham

Coding ⦁ Living life upside-down

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