My Experience in boot-camp so far

For the past week I have been attending Andela’s boot-camp, and so far it’s been amazing. We have so much going on, and this boot-camp has been professionally organized by the expert developers at Andela, and and it’s meant to train us for the real world. I couldn’t imagine it was possible to make so much progress personally and professionally in such a very short amount of time, but it is. Here’s some of the improvements I have observed in myself in the past few days.

Before I started the boot-camp, I would love to admit that my mindset was limited to programming for myself, and this is not world class in any way. Andela’s curriculum is created to not only change your mindset on how to write code, but also teach you how to write code for real world , world class applications. This has been one of my greatest improvements at boot-camp.

Collaborating with others has never been a problem for me, I’ve always loved it, but being part of a team, with the same goal, and learning the Andela values daily, have taught me to collaborate in a completely different way. I really care about my teammates making it at the end of the day, I am very open to feedback from other team members, and I can easily admit my approach is wrong, and implement the idea of another team member. And yes, all of these improvements just in a few days.

Excellence has been embedded deeper into me. Thanks to my learning facilitator, I have learnt to always have the desire to improve, and make whatever results I have get better. My facilitator is a believer of excellence , and I believe he works with every team member on a personal basis, and understands exactly what area of improvement that member needs. In my case, he keeps encouraging me to improve my output, revisit what I did, and make sure I make the output way better than before. In all cases where I have reviewed the project that was given to me, the end results have been amazingly better than before. A big shout out to my facilitator for his support and feedback. 👐

I attended Andela’s boot-camp because I have a passion for software engineering, and being there everyday, working on a team, seeing other software developers work on real world projects, makes me desire this life even more. Being at the boot-camp sort of reignites my passion, and gives me a confirmation that this is where I want to be.

It’s been just three days, and this is so much to take home. The boot-camp has completely changed my mindset, personally and professionally. I can’t wait to see what awaits me for the rest of the boot-camp. 😃