Summer is not the best season for marketing campaign said the marketer

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Every season has something different to offer to a marketing professional’s strategy. Business is slower than usual, employees are on vacation, and people simply want to get out and enjoy the summer sun. Some brands wait for September or October to launch their campaigns. 
Is it a good call? Not quite.

Why summer is a great season for communication?
Professionals should pay close attention to their customer’s behavior and understanding it in order to realize what strategies are worth focusing in on.

Summer is the season for your street and guerrilla's campaigns

In the summer, people tend to go out a lot and they can be easily exposed to your street and guerrilla's campaigns especially if they are putted in the fun way. 
Some Tunisian brands chose the summer season during festivals and cultural events, which they sponsor, to get in touch with their customers and entertain them.
Other brands know that the summer season means that most of the people will go to the beach or to places near the beach so they launch their street campaigns there.

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Summer is the season for good content

Disconnecting during the summer holidays: the end of an idea received holidays. 
Now many people choose their holiday location according to available mobile connectivity. The charger or the power bank goes in suitcase before the swimsuit and the sunscreen. During the holidays, people are on social media, posting pictures on their vacation and doing a live on Facebook to show their friends all the fun they are having. 
So for brands, summer is a good season to put out there good content. Also for brands who have chosen the mobile first or even mobile only strategy; summer is the best season to communicate. 
In other words, there is a place to be taken, if one adapts its communication to the expectations of summer visitors. Because the good reflex is to change tone and themes: we put on content more relaxed, less commercial. 
Also, if your competitors are silent and going slow during the summer seasons, it’s your chance to get ahead. Summer is not the best season for marketing campaign said no marketer.