$100 Million Portfolio Dedicated To Women’s Entrepreneurship

The Supreme Council of Women (SCW), Tamkeen (The Labor Fund) and Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) signed a memorandum of understanding to launch the Bahraini Women Development Portfolio Fund, which is worth a total of $100 million.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday, 8 March, by SCW’s Secretary-General Hala Al Ansari, CEO of Tamkeen Dr. Ebrahim Janahi, and the CEO of BDB Nidal Al Aujan.

The portfolio boosts women’s business activities in small and medium enterprises with support from Tamkeen and BDB’s management. Al Ansari said that the portfolio was created to support women who are interested in delving into entrepreneurship. The portfolio will target those women who want to begin their own commercial startups or develop existing ones, smoothing out any difficulties that women investors may currently face.

Nidal Al Aujan expressed pride in signing this agreement with the Bank’s strategic partners. The Bank will provide Bahraini women with Sharia-compliant and easy-term financing, providing encouragement to invest in new economic activists or to develop existing projects.

The initiative aims to increase women’s participation in comprehensive national development, offering support for an increased number of women entrepreneurs who have proven self-confidence and merit in all aspects of commercial business.

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