Bahrain Investigates 1.5 tones Explosives Seized including C4-RDX; Suspects Trained by IRGC & Hezbollah

The Chief of Terror Crime Prosecution, Advocate General Ahmed Al Hamamdi, today said that investigations into the discovery of explosives and weapons found in a warehouse in the Nuwaidrat area had concluded.

In excess of 1.5 tonnes of high-grade explosives, including C4-RDX, TNT, and other powerful chemical explosives were discovered in the counter-terrorism operation in September last year.

Advocate General Al Hamamdi said that eleven suspects — four of whom are still at large — had been charged with establishing and joining a terrorist group; possessing explosives, weapons and firearms; and receiving training for terrorist purposes. He went on to say that as with past terrorist incidents within the Kingdom, wide-ranging investigations over the past four months had found that four of the suspects attended military training camps operated by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and the Iraqi branch of Hezbollah.

The Advocate General stated that evidence collected during security authorities’ investigations, which included forensic evidence and witness testimonies, had left little doubt that the suspects had the capacity to carry out serious terror attacks within the Kingdom, with the intent of inflicting maximum harm.

Al Hamamdi confirmed that the date of the first court hearing has been set for 7 March 2016 and will be held at the High Criminal Court.

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