Bahrain Praised for Worker Protections

A top International Labor Organization (ILO) representative praised Bahrain for implementing some of the best protections for migrant workers in the Gulf.

The ILO has witnessed a surge in complaints related to worker rights in the region. However, regional desk office at its Arab Region Worker Activities Bureau, Nezam Qahoush said “the situation is far better in Bahrain.”

Qahoush added that a meeting of the ILO in Geneva in the coming week would tackle allegations of unfair treatment in the Gulf.

“We are happy that we could follow up the situation in Bahrain with transparency under an office operated alongside the GFBTU (General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions) in cooperation with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC),” the official stated.

The ILO compared Bahrain to other Gulf countries, stating that “It is far better in terms of democracy and transparency of trade unions in Bahrain, despite some governmental interference.”

Mr. Qahoush emphasized that it was time for all GCC governments to ratify ILO’s Convention 87, which guarantees freedom of association and right to organization for all workers.