BIPD Launches ‘Scholarship Recipient Ambassador’ Program

The Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) introduced the first “Scholarship Recipient Ambassador” Program, which will become an annual occurrence. The Program, which lasted through August 25, targets the students who received scholarships from the Ministry of Education to study abroad.

Dr. Yaser Al-Alawi, Executive Director of BIPD said the “Scholarship Recipient Ambassador” program is one of the awareness programs that are closely associated with fulfilling the Institute objectives, and further aims to promote its efforts to nurture political upbringing, and to develop the political awareness of citizens. The program, he added, helps nurture future generations on solid foundations and democratic principles instilled by virtue of the reform project of His Majesty the King.

Al-Alawi added that through this program, the Institute seeks to prepare students who are on scholarships abroad to be the best ambassadors of Bahrain, and to support their sense of national identity. The program is a platform to prepare and educate students of the political, legal, media, social, and human rights aspects to increase their awareness of Bahrain’s history and modern achievements.

Al-Alawi also said that the program aims to form a general information and cultural database for students prior to leaving Bahrain, and to increase awareness of their rights abroad as well as their national role as ambassadors of Bahraini society.

Al-Alawi noted that BIPD is keen to translate the vision of His Majesty the King into purposeful programs and activities. The “Scholarship Recipient Ambassador” program entails five essential aspects to inform students on political, legal, media, social and human rights. 25 students on scholarships will take part in each workshop. Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance from BIPD, as well as the “Students on Scholarship Guide” at the end of the program.

BIPD is a national institute that aims primarily to disseminate the culture of democratic principles. It was established by virtue of Decree No. (39) of 2005. BIPD endeavors to raise political and developmental awareness, the duties and rights guaranteed by the constitution, and regulated by the relevant legislation.

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