Foreign Minister Participated in Ministerial Meeting of Global Coalition to Counter ISIL in Washington

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, along with the Defense Affairs Minister, Lieutenant-General Yusuf bin Ahmed Al-Jalahma, participated in the Ministerial Meeting of the Global Coalition to Counter Daesh (ISIL) on July 20 and 21 in Washington, DC. The meeting was held at the headquarters of the U.S. Department of State to review the efforts of the alliance in fighting Daesh at all levels, and to discuss ways to develop these efforts even further to ensure the complete eradication of the terrorist organization.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed the Kingdom’s of Bahrain’s commitment to the Coalition and his keenness to participate in the meeting, which went over the phenomenon of terrorism all of its dimensions, implications and manifestations. He stressed that achieving peace and security in Iraq and Syria depends on the elimination of all terrorist groups, not limited to Daesh, as they threaten all countries of the world. He also emphasized the need for countries to start recognizing the danger of the expansion of terrorism and the need to address all forms of extremism, violence and terrorism through effective, organized and collective action.

The Minister also warned of the destructive role played by Iran in Syria by sending the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps forces to fight and offer support to terrorist crimes committed by Hezbollah. He emphasized the need to work on denying Iran the ability to fill the void that will occur following the defeat of Daesh.

The Minister also pointed out the importance of periodic review and continuous assessment of the efforts of the coalition in the fight against Daesh, along with the importance of regularly exchanging views on ways to develop and strengthen these efforts at all levels.