Kuwait Uncovers ‘Terror’ Cell’s Giant Arms Cache

Kuwait has broken up a new three-member “terror” cell and seized large amounts of weapons, ammunition and explosives, according to the interior ministry last week.

Three Kuwaiti citizens were arrested and have confessed to joining a “terror” group, a statement said. Security forces seized “19 ton of ammunition” including 144 kilos (316 pounds) of TNT, as well as rocket propelled grenades, hand grenades, firearms and detonators. The Interior Ministry said the explosives were found in a farm in Abdali, near the border with Iraq, and in two houses in undisclosed locations.

At the end of July, Kuwait said it had broken up a five-member cell of alleged members of the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group. In June a Saudi bomber blew himself up in a Shiite mosque in Kuwait City, killing 26 people and wounding hundreds. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

His Highness the Deputy Amir and Crown Prince Shaikh Nawaf chaired an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet to address the latest bust and security issues. He praised members of the security services for their role in uncovering the cell, while underscoring the need to maintain the country’s security, urging security personnel to keep a watchful eye on the country and its citizens. The Cabinet heard a detailed presentation by Shaikh Mohammed Al-Khaled on the extensive security efforts which led to uncovering the terror cell currently being investigated by the Public Prosecution.

The Cabinet condemned the terror plot by enemies of the country, and pledged to take required steps to face such incidents, underlining the need for national unity. The Cabinet also reiterated that security will deal harshly with anybody who seeks to breach the country’s security and stability, urging all citizens to cooperate in order to prevent terrorism in Kuwait.