Special Investigations Unit Actively Carrying Out Mission

The Special Investigations Unit has been highly active in the first months of the year, investigating complaints and referring members of the security forces to court.

The unit completed its investigation in one case in which a person claimed that he was beaten by police while being detained during the first half of 2015. In the case, the unit referred five accused members of the public security forces to the Lower Criminal Court for assault. The hearing session will be held in mid-March.

Moahmmed Kahled al-Hazza, member of the Special Investigation Unit, announced that the unit received 35 complaints in the month of February, four of which are already under investigation. Allegations under scrutiny include torture and ill-treatment.

The unit listened to statements of 44 witnesses and interrogated 16 accused and suspected members of the public security forces throughout the month of February. Two cases were referred to the unit’s forensic examiner to undertake examination of the injuries sustained.

The SIU continues to actively investigate and complete referrals of security forces to judicial bodies where appropriate.