Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)
umair haque

Hmm, you really should start with some solid evidence for your basic premise that twitter is dying beyond vague empirical observations based on a sample of one (!) person. Building a pyramid of arguments without checking if the foundation is sound usually doesn’t end well ( Das Kapital is my favorite example of that). As far as abuse, it is endemic on internet and hardly unique to twitter. More to the point, it’s a not a new decease which twitter just caught recently. It was there from the very start, so why is it suddenly becoming terminal now? In fact, twitter has built pretty good anti-abuse tools over time. To be sure, twitter has plenty of problems as a platform and as a business and abuse is one but I don’t find it’s convincing that abuse is THE number one issue twitter’s got. I would personally list thinks like format limitations and some hostile anti-user and anti-developer moves ahead of abuse.