Traveling at speed of light

can we make it?

When we travel at light speed, we can travel to the future.

Because funny things happen to our body. Other relative objects tend to be slow and very slow from our perspective. This theory is called Time Dilation.

Imagine we travel to somewhere in the universe using vehicle that has speed of light, and we move back to earth, the earth will not the same at time we leave it.

but how we can create the light speed vehicle?

My first thought is to use the force that govern our universe, that is Gravity. Just follow the force and hop to next gravity field. From the earth gravity to the sun gravity to the milky way gravity and to the observable universe gravity. Hope it can chase the speed of light with the exponential acceleration it give.

Other imaginative way is like the spaceship in Star Trek movie that it can warp to some location in near instant time. For now I have no idea how it is possible.

So, traveling to the future is possible for me. but the question is, can we travel back to the past? and clarify the big bang event that create matter and energy to this universe.

As for now, we already invent thing that can make us travel to the past. That is photograph, when we look at it our memory was traveled back to time when the photograph was taken.

Other way to come back to the past is going through the black hole. But it really uncertain are we coming back to the past or going nowhere. Because in the center of black hole, the gravity force are really strong enough to the extent that it can make everything to be stretched or warped, even time.

In the middle of black hole, my imagination is we will be presented with other alternative universe. Other question is:

can we safely go to the core of black hole?

As with the fact that it can warp and stretch everything, there is no guarantee for our body to be safe. Even before we can make it to the core, our body would be dispersed or suppresed by the force of gravity.

This is progressive article, I would revise it in the near future. Stay tune!