Sending Message as page being an analyst/ advertiser?

Baibhav Anand

Hello readers,

Today I will be telling you how I was able to send messages as a page being a page analyst/ advertiser.

According to this article from Facebook Analysts and Advertisers cannot send messages as page.

Here is how I managed to bypass it :

Setup : 3 Facebook accounts, Where User A should be the admin, User B is the attacker account here and User C is any random Facebook account.

Steps :

  1. Make User B an editor.
  2. User B must be using Facebook lite.
  3. Send the page a message from User C's account.
  4. User B in Facebook lite app will get a notification saying user C messaged to the page.
  5. User B will open the message.
  6. User A will now change user B's page role to Analyst.
  7. While User B is still in the inbox with user C, he/she will be able to send messages as page despite being page analyst or advertiser.

Here is a video POC :

As unfortunate as it could be for me, it got an internal fix.

Thank you for making it to the end of the article. Here is a Facebook bug bounty tip : While being in the session when you had privileges try changing your privilege and see if you can still perform certain tasks while still in that session.

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Baibhav Anand

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I am a security researcher from Nepal and also the Founder and CEO of BaiTux ( A cyber security based educational start up)

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