CamTouch: UI/UX case study and new website design

Hi! We are a design team and we’d like to share our latest case study. The main purpose of that project was to help the team of a young Ukrainian startup deal with some of their challenges and conduct the research of the target audiences on the US market. Also, our goal was to make a new website for them and develop a unique value proposition for their users.

About CamTouch

CamTouch device

How we met

The second meeting was a brainstorming session, where we identified all possible target audiences for which the product will be valuable, created hypotheses that we needed to check in the future. After that, we had a list of about sixteen audiences and we had to narrow it down to about 4–5 and work with them.


List of some competitors

Also, we’ve made a list of US organizations and foundations that could be interested in using CamTouch for their projects.

In order to find out more about the product we interviewed the sales team of CamTouch, this gave us the ground for future research.

We’ve decided to conduct qualitative and quantitative research. Perhaps the main part of our work was to perform interviews with our target audience. Also, we’ve compiled a Google questionnaire in three languages with questions that were the most interesting for us. Thus we’ve got the information for further work.

58% of respondents conduct presentations a few times a month. Most of the respondents were teachers and team leads in the age from 18 to 34

Sometimes the force-majeure circumstances can interfere with your perfect process. Our goal was the US market, as Camtouch had already proven itself there once. Every day we have promoted our survey and asked US users for an interview, we’ve sent more than 300 emails, but it gave us almost no results. We did not understand what was wrong until we’ve realized that it was the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Working in conditions of strict quarantine was harder than we thought. We didn’t get much feedback from the American audience, but we noticed one thing — it was very similar to the answers of people from the CIS. Based on the responses from the questionnaire, the interviews and the experience of Camtouch managers, we identified 4 main audiences: Education, Consulting, Sales and Corporate.

The separation between US and CIS markets
Confirmed hypothesis
Confirmed hypothesis

Landing and website

Prototype of the landing page

We’ve made the Landing Page for Homeschooling Case, but again something went wrong. To complete the work on time, we decided to transform the Landing Page into the Main Page of the website.

Next, each of us took one user case and got to work. We already had confirmed hypotheses, we studied the pains and requirements of users, compiled empathy maps, and formulated the tone of voice. Thus, we created a website that meets all the needs of our target audiences.


Designers that worked on this project: Iryn Kasparova, Inna Samoilenko, Maria Baida, Liza Karagodina, Kostiantyn Lavreniuk with support from Yaroslav Bosenko.

UI/UX Designer