Privacy Set Intersection (PSI) computation is a specific scenario in secure multi-party computing (MPC) applications. It not only has important theoretical significance but also has great practical usage. As people are more and more focusing on the privacy protection of user data, the research in this area is in line with the increasing desire to benefit from using personal information while maximizing its protection. This article first analyzes and compares 17 PSI protocol schemes based on secure MPC and full homomorphic encryption, including attack model, security model, performance test etc. …

OpenRASP is an open source and free adaptive security product released by Baidu Security, which has an in-depth cooperation with the internationally renowned non-profit security organization OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). OpenRASP has now joined the OWASP global technology project, and is being promoted around the world. …


The memory safety is crucial to guarantee the security of the software in Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs, e.g. TPM and Intel SGX). Although TEEs provide a powerful hardware foundation for trusted computing, but they do not automatically guarantee the security of the software. …


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