Does Network lock human inside a box?

In my previous blog posts I wrote about games, about the benefits for playing game; and against the idea of game is bad, it just wasting times. Many people against gaming because they think game will cause addictive, make people fall into the virtual reality, then lost the ability to being touch with the reality. Today’s post I want to talk about the bigger version of game, that is network and online. Some people say network is a magical world, from which we can digging the news, information, and access to knowledge, but there still some people say network is just a virtual world, a fake world which is full of lies, scandal, transactions …… and a mixture of human temptation, when people become addictive to it they will become a online slave and got take over by the perfect vision and freedom of the virtual world. Game and online network are inseparable because they share the same concepts, for example both of them are happen in a virtual world; they both can make people fall into and become addictive; and they both are the new way of the world.

First let’s talk about what is online network? I am not means the professional side of network, I’m means the common network, like online gaming, online communicating tool…. Now day network already become part of people’s life, so the debate around network become bigger and bigger, more people debate on the is network good for us, or bad for us. For today’s post I want to write about a question of network, that is does network lock people inside a box? I want to write this question because in recent years network had improve our life a lot in many ways, for example most of the billionaire are doing something that relate to networking, but when the rise of online business, it also bring many negative arguments, like network lock us inside a box that we cannot get out, people treat online world as their only world, and lost in the virtual world.

On one side of this argument is that network is good for human. People think it can give us a new ways of life, we can live better with network. People who support this opinion might be those who enjoy the fun network bring to them and they can gain something useful from network. Also people who making money from network, that network is their career. People who support the network think that network can bring us endless variety of information resources.

The other side of the argument is network is bad for us, the negative effects of network are wasting time online, caused teenage not focusing on education, and health has also been greatly affected. Mostly people who against network are because of game, they think many teenages wasting time on playing game and network make people become indifferent. Many parents now don’t allow their children to touch the network, because focus your eyes on screen too long might cause vision harm, or lost focus on other things. Even there are a word saying you can’t make friends on internet, thousand of friends means none.

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