Topic Background

My topic is about does playing video game wasting your time? The reason why I chose this topic because it is controversial and it is interesting to me. My blog is for people who think game is wasting time, and think that playing game is useless in life to read about. After reading my blog they can find out the beauty of game world and the unlimited potential of gaming.

Why most people think game is useless in life, it is wasting times? It because the rise of technology era, from 21th century computer started to become popular, that means more people started to play games mostly students or teenage. On that time, most of the parents think that only education can bring people success, that is no any other ways. This phenomenon cause those people who do not like learning become rebel to their parents, the best way for them was go to the internet cafes to play games. So the word worthless is tie to playing games. I want people to know the powerful potential behind gaming industry of now days after reading my Blog, not the surface understand of gaming they think they know about.

The prejudice people have about game was growing up in recent years. By the economic growth of most countries, people have extra money to buy their kids technology products (iPhone, iPad, Pc……). The result of spend too many playing games might cause lost interest on education, so most parents do not want their kid to touch any games because they think games will cause their children become useless. By the time pass more and more parents won’t let their kids to playing any games, so that cause more and more people have prejudice on games. Yes, I agree game might influce your learning, but it can help to shape your personal identity, like your faith, tolerance, communication, and attitude. It also might create a new way of your life

The facts people don’t know about game industry are the economic growth of game industry; the benefits of playing games do to brain; the psychological benefits game can bring and games had fulfill many teenage’s dream. People need to know those facts to fully understand the our modern game industry is more powerful and interesting than what they think of. While I writing this blog, I also want to know some knowleage during my research, for example the reason why game industry create so many money, by what way; How do people really think about gaming, how many different opionion I can find to help my blog post; And also why do people enjoy playing games, which element in our thinking make us love games.

The controversy of games was expand more in recent years, but I want to say no matter what people thinking about games, no matter games are bad or good, we came to this world is for living. Education is just serving for living, also different kind of way of living, but if you can’t satisfy psychologically; if you can’t feel happiness; Can’t laugh out loud, then even you have lots of money there still no significance. People need to find their goal, their point that they love to do, no matter how people sees you but still need to pursue the way you want.

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