Why people enjoy playing games?

The question I want to answer when I doing my research is why people enjoy playing games. Game industry become a important factor of our world because people love games, especially teenage or young adult. People are willing to spend money to buy games, or buying game machine, computer because they love games. The economics impact of video game is more than what you imaging, people willing to spend 2 billion to buy games in just U.S, and the data is from 2012, now we already can’t under estimate what game can create. For this blog post I will be answer the special elements of game that make us fall in love with games, why we are willing to spend money on games.

The first reason people love to play games is game’s world is different than our reality, what is this means? In game’s world we can find many things we can’t find in reality, for example when people playing violent game they can enjoy killing other player, that is something that we can’t do in reality. I know violent game might do something to our brain, that might cause us having aggressive impulse, even there reacheach shows that playing violent games cause aggressive thinking, I can deny that is the negative aspect violent game have, but those people who killed people in reality by playing video game is just minority, maybe 1/100 thousand people have this impulse after playing violent game. In other hand violent game is a way to release stress, to improve your mood.

People are enjoy all the challenges and accomplishing mission or task in video game, for most of game it can buy powerful items or learn a new skills after complete the mission, so the psychological effects make people want to reach that goal, and also the curious to the unknown things. Another important aspect people love game are competition, for example a famous app game Flappy Bird, why people love to play, it because people what to make a higher score than their friends, the competition between people make all of us want a higher score.

Many psychologists study on understand the intrinsic motivation of playing game, intrinsic motivation is the motivation that you have to do something without anything that can affect you at outside. For example your motivation to get a good grade is not by encourage by parents, teachers praise, and rewards. One of the most famous theory that explain intrinsic motivation are bought out by psychologist Richard Ryan, he co-created “self-determination theory”. This theory are break down into three categories: “ autonomy (the urge to be the cause of one’s own behavior or choices); relatedness (the urge to connect with others and identify with a group); and competence (the desire to control or influence the outcomes of one’s behavior)”(Direct copy from the original). Those three needs are born with you, no need to learn, people are determined they want to play games without and goal or outcome

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