Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking…

When most people think entrepreneur we think business person… but this is not completely accurate,if you understand the true definition of entrepreneur

If comes from the French meaning “… to undertake’

To be entrepreneurial is to undertake something

There is no greater undertaking than your life’s purpose…

But hang on it’s get even more interesting The etymology of the Entrepreneur suggest that this word has roots in Sanskrit Word “Antha Prarena” which means “Inner-Motivation“.

Although different people have different opinion on this statement. But one thing that everyone would agree that meaning of Entrepreneur is truly as person who works out of “Inner Motivation”.

It is certainly not just Business.

So in fact entrepreneur is a way of thinking that comes from within.

We are born curious, with wonder, with the ability to solve problems, we can see opportunities, we see the world as a world of adventure…

Then what happens???

We get sidetrack, we get conditioned to the ordinary, to be the same.

So how do you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit

This is the inner spirit that means you can live the life you want… do what you want… when you want…

We settle too quickly, we think it’s too hard… we think we are not enough… all a condition of learned behaviour based on assumptions

Tell me what do you think

I’m writing my next book 101 Ways to Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit… and I’m looking for 10 more tips…

The best will feature in the book and your will get a mention…

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