Dear… anyone that has ever felt like their life is going nowhere.

Life is one of those uncontrollable things at times. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones that had everything figured out from the word go. I get a lot of messages asking me where I get my inspiration to write from, and the answer to that is… my day to day life (well… day to day life fails anyways). The majority of things I write about are things that I've had stored in my head for a while, or things that I have given advice on and suddenly they pop back to mind and I think ‘why cant I take my own advice?!’

Its hard taking your own advice. You want someone else to tell you what to do because it feels like the safer option. If someone else says it out loud first, it makes more sense… not that this way of thinking makes sense, but its nice having someone there to make what your thinking sound better, it puts us at ease.. right?

I have this conversation a lot with my mum, she's probably bored to death of it now, but again, when you've got someone there you can constantly ask for advice (even if you know what the answer is) you'll keep going back to find that comfort again and again.

‘my life is going nowhere’


I guess I'm writing this as a reminder, to always look back on when I feel like life has stopped and I'm not doing anything or accomplishing anything. I can look and think ‘oh… my advice actually makes sense’ because 99.9% of the time, anything I think or even say out loud, makes no sense what so ever.

Is your life going nowhere, or are you just making all the wrong decisions?

  1. Are you taking chances?
  2. Are you putting yourself before others?
  3. Are you surrounded by toxic people who only bring you down? people who are stuck at a dead end and there's no hope for them so you think the same for yourself?
  4. Do you leave your comfort zone?
  5. Are you doing what you’re told or telling people what you’re doing?
  6. Are you comparing your life to others?
  7. Are you looking for acceptance?

You may feel your life is stuck because you’re making all the wrong decisions… we’ve all done it, and we’re all guilty of not doing what's best for ourselves.

If you don’t take every single chance that's thrown at you, when are you going to leave your comfort zone?

If you continue to do what the people around you to tell you to do, you’re obviously stuck with the wrong crowd.

If you continue trying to look for acceptance, you’re going against accepting yourself… you’re comparing yourself to someone else, and you cant be someone else, you’re you, you’re stuck as you, and you should be proud of being you.

Your life isn't stuck, its more like a brief pause. Maybe the right chance hasn't come for you yet, or the right people, But give it time and make the right choices for you. Don't ever make a bad choice to impress someone, don't do it to ‘stay in with the crowd’. Be daring and different and go and fight to get somewhere.

Life is constantly changing, get in control of yours, never let anyone stop you from succeeding, and never feel like you’re stuck going no where. Timing is key.