If you never let change happen, you wouldn’t have what you do now.


Change is a horrible thing to some people, and others absolutely live for it, but either way it’s a massive part of life and has to happen.. whether you like it or not.

I’m stuck in the middle.

Last year I wouldn’t have ever wanted to meet the person I was, and it’s only now I’m seeing how much better off I really am. Change needed to happen, it did, and I can honestly say it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

But on the other hand change is quite a difficult thing, and I find it hard to adjust. I get too comfortable and when it comes round to it I feel too stuck and can’t seem to get out of my ways.

Whether you like, or dislike change, the one thing I will say is this…

Look at this time last year, was there something or someone bad in your life? Yes.. Did you get rid of that bad thing? Yes.. now look what you have now. You wouldn’t have what you do if you didn’t get rid of all of those bad things. Change is everything.

Personally I’ve learnt to like change, it’s taught me to see life differently and shown that once you do take that big step, your whole life can turn for the better.

You always have to try and take a positive from a negative, and once you start it will just become natural. Keep in mind that if you didn’t take that risk.. you wouldn’t have what you do now.

Change your life, walk away from people you don’t need, stop caring for those who don’t care for you, get a new job, try out a new relationship or even travel the world… take the risk and see how much your life improves in the next year or so… you’ll thank me later!