Does anyone else ever get those sudden bursts of inspiration where they feel completely different to anything they’ve ever felt before?!

I think I’ve had one of those moments today.

Normally I find inspiration from the weirdest of places, and from the weirdest things. And I don’t know what it is recently but more and more each day I’ve been feeling inspired to change.

Not for anyone, but for myself.

Without going into too much detail, im the worlds fussiest of eaters, I always have been since I got ill as a baby, and ever since literally eat the blandest foods and meals going, il always choose the same thing at a restaurant, and il always choose the snack over the healthy option… but the past week or so I’ve been trying to change.

I’ve been trying new foods and finding that most of them I like, I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get to where I want to be, and today I think I found that motivation.

These things that inspire me often change, but with this one I hope it never does, I want to reach my goal and will do anything to do so.

Life is strange, I don’t think il ever get the hang of it, but at least I’m trying to smash it in my own way.

People take their own time to find inspiration to change, mine is completely personal to me and il keep it that way, but not everyone works the same, so if you haven’t found yours yet, I guarantee you will at some point.

Inspire yourself and inspire other people to be better, Im a massive promoter when it comes to self love and pushing to be the best version of yourself, my only wish is il push myself someday as much as I push others.

We all deserve to be happy and where we want to be, it just takes time and patients and a little bit of inspiration ⭐️