Life hacks.. tried and tested (well some 😁)

Every girl needs a few good life hacks to get through some of the tricky things that are thrown at us! Some are actually really handy to know, and some are just pure genius.

Here’s a few of my favourites and some I’ve come up with myself.. happy hacking! 😜

  1. Braking in a new pair of heels..

Always such a pain and takes up so much time. An easy way is to take a thick pair of fluffy socks, put your new shoes on, grab your hairdryer on a low heat and focus on the tighter corners, they should fit comfortable in no time!

2. Opening bottles..

No bottle opener around? No problem! Lets face it, all females will carry around some sort of makeup bag with them. Why is this relevant? Well.. an easy way of opening bottles without a bottle opener is to use an eyelash curler! After reading this you’ll never leave the house without one!

3. Chilling wine..

Isn’t it annoying when all you want is a cold glass of wine, yet the ice cubes water it down too much?! Well problem solved! Freeze grapes (red or green) and use them as ice cubes. No watered down wine and a little treat at the end!

4. Getting everything you can out of your favourite candle..

Another thing that annoys me is the really awkward bit of wax you get at the bottom of your favourite candle when it’s run out, you can’t light the wick anymore and it’s just sat there looking sorry for itself. Well fear no more! You can still save that sad looking piece of wax by boiling some water in a saucepan, and putting the candle jar into the water to melt the wax. Once melted you can pour it into moulds and use them as oil burners. Sorted! Favourite scent saved and a clean jar you can now reuse for something else!

5. Shrunk your favourite top?!

One simple way to restore your shrunken clothes back to their normal size is to soak them in ice water and add about a quarter of a bottle of hair conditioner… leave over night and you should have your favourite piece of clothing back in no time!

6. Clumpy nail polish..

How annoying is it when we open up a bottle of nail polish to find it clumpy and basically ready for the bin.. the perfect colour for your outfit or one of your favourites? Don’t get rid yet! One easy way is putting 2 to 3 drops of nail polish remover into the bottle and giving it a shake, and then leaving it in the fridge for about an hour, it should come out good as new!

7. Toothpaste can clear up anything…

Got a spot? Put toothpaste on it.. burnt yourself? Toothpaste! Stained headlights on your car? Toothpaste! Jewellery slightly tarnished? Toothpaste! Hair dye job gone wrong? Toothpaste!

I’m so sick of typing toothpaste now! 😅

8. Makeup and beauty hacks are my favourite..

Want longer fuller lashes? Coat them with baby powder in between mascara application..!

Plumper lips? Peppermint oil is a natural lip plumper!

Want your hair to look thicker? Apply eyeshadow to your hair line and parting!

9. Need a new outfit? No money? Upcycle!

Create new pieces by upcycling.. upcycling? Recycling old clothes and making them better! Add colour, cut pieces off, add pieces on and you have yourself a new garment without spending money!

10. Paper clips!!

Multi use, so handy and so small they can be taken anywhere! Good for holding your dress together if it’s too loose. A temporary hair clip.. or clipping your bra together at the back to create hidden straps. Who knew?!

These are just some of my favourite life hacks for you lovely ladies, give them a try and send me over some of your favourites too!