Never feel the need to explain yourself.

There’s a lot of things in life that need explaining, but explaining yourself is something that should never be expected. Let me tell you a story, I’m sure the majority of you will read this and say YES!! And will relate to it completely.

Up until recently I had no idea what my ‘style and image’ was. Like everyone Ive been through every single phase possible, and picked individual things from each ‘trend’ and thrown together my own style. From 12–15 I had a complete emo stage, black hair, the famous swooping fringe that showed 1 eye and half your face, lip piercing and all black everything (not much has changed there!) From 16–18 I felt I needed to grow up a bit, and decided to go for the more ‘girly’ look… I did not like it, not one single bit! From 18 onwards I went through every other phase you can think of, and I’ve ended up with something completely different. You could probably say I’m a typical ‘hipster’ but I hate that word, labels don’t really sit well with me. I’m me!

I got my first tattoo at 13.. that I did myself (oops) and then my first proper one at 16. I always knew I would get them, and I always knew I wanted to be different. From then on I continued and I’ve built up quite the collection, nowhere near finished, and probably never will be.

I work in retail. I spose you could say in one of the more fashionable shops out there, where I can be myself, dress how I want, have my hair how I want and whatever colour I fancy at the time! And just not worry about how my image effects other people.

Basically, the whole point of this story is that over the years I’ve felt that every decision I make I’ve had to justify and explain.

Some of my family don’t understand tattoos and piercings, ‘why would you want to ruin yourself’. I’ve never had to explain to them why I do it, they’ve just learnt that it makes me happy and helps me show who I am, they tell a story almost. They’ve accepted that they make me.. me, and it makes me different. They’ll have their opinions, but those opinions mean nothing to me, the only thing that does matter is that they make me happy.

The style I have.. I wouldn’t even call a style. These days when I wake up in the morning for work, il lie in as long as I can, chuck on the first thing I see and go.. Ive gotten lazy and it’s a habit I need to get out of! Alot of people have the opinion that a girl should dress like a girl, and I disagree with this completely! You shouldn’t have to justify why you want to wear something, if you feel good in it that’s all that matters.

My job is another talking point in my life. I do agree, it’s not my ‘forever job’. But it lets me be me! I can go in and not worry about how my appearance will come across to others, because we all have such an individual style. I don’t see myself in a serious job, I can’t see myself in doing anything that will bore the hell out of me. I truly believe that I’ve been put here to do something creative… Ive just got to find out what!

Basically, No one should ever feel like they have to explain themselves or the decisions they make, because if it’s making you happy, who cares what anyone else thinks?! Ive learnt that people are going to have their opinions- some will express them, and some will keep them to themselves. But either way you should never feel you need to explain why you’re doing something, tell them and leave it as that! If they ask, you simply say ‘because I want to’.

Don’t let others and their opinions get in the way of who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re going, don’t hold back, and never feel the need to explain yourself.