Plans in the sun ☀️

If you know me.. you know that there’s only a few things that I really love! one being outside with a glass of rose in the sun. There’s nothing quite like it.

Another is this.. writting, so put both of those together and I’m happy. Sat outside in the sun, glass of rose in hand, blogging and planning what’s to come for the future.

I have so many exciting things in mind, writing them down and actually putting them to action doesn’t seem quite real yet. Maybe one day il get used to this? And realise that I’ve found something I’m good at… and also LOVE!

I need to get things moving, hopefully in the next few months il see major improvements to not only my blog/YouTube channel, but to myself too.

Doing this has boosted my confidence massively. I never really had an opinion on many things, and when I did I decided it was better to stay quiet than cause a scene. But now I’ve realised that everything I have to say matters, just like everyone else.

I don’t want to be the quiet one in the corner and I most certainly do not want to relive any events of last year. I’m going to be someone who makes a difference, and someone who can prove everyone that has ever doubted me, wrong.

I’m going to make this a success, il do whatever it takes and whatever I have to do to get myself where I want to be. Time to be selfish and continue on my own path, push myself to be someone that people look up to, and push to be someone that I know I would be proud of.

So here’s to success.. 💗