Stress, stressing, and stressing some more.

The past few days have been so super packed with drama, and of course.. the one time I need my mum she’s half way across the other side of the world in Thailand.

Il start from the beginning.. Saturday night I started feeling so beyond unwell I can’t even describe, Sunday I thought it was food poisoning and today I’m guessing it was a bug.

Last night my poor baby bunny got admitted to bunny hospital as she hadn’t eaten all day, and is now being kept in until tomorrow.

Now I’m just not thinking, I’ve lost track of everything and I’m so dazed from the lack of sleep I don’t know where I am!

Now you’re probably reading this thinking ‘oh Bailey shhh everything will be fine’ but right now it doesn’t feel that way.

  1. I may be 21… but I need my mum
  2. I need my bunny home
  3. I need all of this to stop and I need my peaceful perfect life back that I had on Saturday.

Anxiety lives inside everyone, whether it’s shown itself is a different story, with me it’s a major part of my life. I’m a worrier and I can’t help but over think everything I do. I find that writing my problems down halves them massively, I can look back once that problem is resolved and tick it off the list of issues I have at the time.

Being this tired, this worried and this anxious is probably the worst mix of emotions a person can have. But everyone deals with them… okay maybe not at the same time but they are something every human has to endure!

I have one more week until my mamma is home, fingers crossed my baby bun can come home tomorrow and the rest will fall into place. Rest is what I need and rest is what I shall get. Everything’s always better in the morning (I think?!)

I may be 21… and I may be classed as an adult… but I definitely, definitely still need my mum.

No matter how old you get, they’re the one person who can make everything feel a million times better.

Lorraine- I love you ❤️