Oh The Places You’ll Go

Throughout everyone’s college career, the question,“What is your major” is asked by everyone you meet. I’ve met art majors, engineering majors, education, economics, film, advertising and agriculture. All of these people have stories and different life experiences, but the one thing they all have in common is their reaction to me saying, “I’m studying accounting.”

There are two categories that these people choose from: impressed or sympathetic. The impressed ones admire my “bravery” and assume I’m the next Sheryl Sandberg or have an IQ higher than Stephen Hawking’s. The sympathetic ones reflect upon their traumatic Accounting 201 experience and offer their condolences to my “boring desk-job life”. I usually laugh it off and listen to the nerd joke that follows, but it doesn’t bother me because we’ve had completely different experiences in accounting.

One of the first things I learned about accountants was the high demand for us. No matter the industry, whether it’s music, engineering, medical or political, every business needs an accountant. I am so grateful that Jacht offers opportunities for non-advertising majors and I am excited to start my journey in an accounting career.

Being surrounded by students with creative backgrounds when you are simply a numbers person can be intimidating, especially when you are the only one in this position. However, I’ve always had a creative side to me. Fun fact: I wanted to be an art major before I settled with accounting. I was overjoyed when I got the news that I would be Jacht’s accountant this year because I would be able to apply the accounting skills I’ve learned over the past three years to a professional work setting while still being in a creative environment. Everyone is working on their projects in the editing room or meeting with clients while I take a look at our books and then volunteer to model in the next commercial.

I truly believe that accounting can take me anywhere my heart desires. I could be in the accounting department of Beyoncé’s recording studio, at a hospital or at a professional soccer stadium. The options are endless, and I look forward to getting my foot in the door.

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