Art in the American South

On the day after Thanksgiving 2014, five of us rented a car in Nashville and began a road trip to Art Basel in Miami. Along the way, we interviewed 19 people about the art in their homes.

Aiken, South Carolina.
I saw a wonderful sticker: “Earth without art is just, ‘Eh.’” And it is. Art is a necessity. — Harriet, Charleston

We all keep art in our homes. Whether it’s posters or 10-foot paintings, those objects and the decisions behind them reflect something about each of us—from past memories and experiences to color preferences and visual styles.

With our road trip, we wanted to give people a space to talk about that art. And, we hoped to better understand what draws all of us to art. What do we get from it? What does art mean to us personally? How and why do we choose things for our home that serve no practical purpose?

We also wanted to explore how to bring together two formats we believe in: audio and photography. Our hope is that the combination will help you connect to the people we interviewed in a unique and nuanced way.

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Thanks for tuning in.

Bailey & Greg
with Erin, Josh, Mamie and Miki

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