Dancing around the subject is like dancing in a bar

You watching me

Me watching you

In sync

Me dancing for you

You dancing for me

With many many in between.

Distance apart but oh so close

I could reach out to touch you but

That’s dangerously morose.

Flirting the definition of boundaries and lines

Trying to connect without calling a mime

Standing at the bar

my back to your face

You rush the corner

in a hastily pace

I can not move

By body is numb

Our Eyes connect

And I totally succumb

Our eyes connected and our eyes lingered on

with longing and Yearning as time stood still. It stood still.

It was just us.

I was clinging to another like a support beam but it was just us.

Eye interlocked gazed deep within.

We didn’t say that much.

It actually kinda sucked

but our eyes said it all.

I’m hurt

I still care

I still long.

But we both broke the gaze

though I wanted to stay

I was being pulled away by my support beam.

I wanted to run to you

cling to you

hold you

kiss you

but we were numb suspending in air

time stood still second passed with every moment.

I left. You followed and left.

You stayed to watch me or you stayed to out best me.

You waited all night to be in the same space with me.

Why. Why. Why do you still care.

You told them I was fine. You told people I understood

you told everyone I’m okay.

I’m not. I’m destroyed I’m distraught.

I can’t eat I can’t sleep I can’t live.

I run off my energy and run till I’m numb

I run 4–5 miles just to not feel so dumb.

I feel like a fool because I trusted you

I let you in I care

I never feared.

Feel flat on my face and the flat on my back like a tethered ball who just sprung from the mat.

I am free but bound

I and gone and not found

I and dead and badly alive

and I am to sweet like a pie.

Sour and cold.

Numb and old.

Sad and a lone and withered like bones.

I cared for you. You were the love of my life thus far and what can I do. But say I loved you.