5 Ways to Make your Special Person Feel This Special Holiday

Guys or Girls surprise your hunny with the perfect Christmas nights.

My boyfriend is often stressed with 12 hour days and when we talk at night it feels at times that he’s being sort of a grinch. Each year as one gets older and the magic of Christmas fades, it’s important to try your best to keep the holiday spirit alive. I’ve come up with 5 little tricks to help get your loved one in the Holiday spirit.


Mistletoe is the perfect way to surprise that special one with holiday kisses. Not only is this fun for the two of you, you can always use it at parties to get other couples in on the holiday fun.

Netflix Christmas

Once that special person gets off work, have a classic Christmas movie on that can bring you both back to that magical feeling Santa brought you as a child! Movies like these bring back fun memories the two of you can laugh about.

Ginger Bread Cookies

Ginger Bread Cookies are a classic. This is a fun activity that i’m sure your man will fight you on at first, but end up getting into it!!

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing can be an absolute blast! You can even pregame with come egg nog and get a couple other friends in on the fun. This is also a cheaper alternative for skiing or snowboarding.

Volunteer at Samaritans Purse

Make a couple boxes for those in need. This is a fun date night, where you can pick out what you’d like to give to a child in need. This also doesn’t have to cost much, you can even make a little contest of who makes the best box.